A Midsummer Night's Dream
Huang Jia Li
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Manga Description

A collection of oneshots. 1st Story: Mountain Love - A story of a girl, who is under stress to get into a medical school and one day, falls in love with her doctor. 2nd Story: A Mermaid is Singing - A story of a boy, who tries to commit suicide (because of certain medical reasons) and a girl who tries to stop him. 3rd Story: Autumn Night's Dream - A story of an architect and a girl who helps him to realise his real dream. 4th Story: ECHO - A story about a girl who knows the people who killed their class president but is unable to express her own thoughts. 5th Story: The Sleeping Time Paradox

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 2012/03/15 Download
Chapter 2 2012/03/17 Download
Chapter 3 2012/03/24 Download
Chapter 4 2012/04/01 Download
Chapter 5 - END 2012/04/15 Download