Cell Phone Girl Heaven
Cellphone Girl Heaven
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Manga Description

Ginta's dad works at a cellphone organization called "Choto Bank." Their new cellphone is a humanoid cellphone. Gina's dad sent his child a model adaptation of the humanoid cellphone, however Ginta's sister startlingly made a few "changes" to the new cellphone and because of that it commits endless errors. The cellphone humanoid, named Momoko, slips on level surfaces, tears Ginta's coat, transforms a coat into a riddle, and trips and almost executes Ginta when a couple of scissors slip out of her hand. Ginta asks himself, "Will I live long in this condition?" This manga is unique in relation to customary manga. Rather than reading from right to left, read it from left to right.

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 2009/12/11 Download
Chapter 2 2009/12/11 Download
Chapter 3 2009/12/11 Download
Chapter 4 - 4 2010/01/07 Download
Chapter 5 - 5 2010/03/02 Download
Chapter 6 - 6 2010/03/31 Download
Chapter 7 - Magnify 2010/03/31 Download