Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: 2-nensei-hen, Classroom of the Elite: Year 2
Classroom of the Elite - 2nd Year
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Manga Description

The second spring at the Advanced Nurturing High School is inviting Ayanokoji and Class D. The exceptional tests aren't just what looks for them, however the novel first year recruits also. Kazuomi Hōsen and Ryūen. The two who divided the awful standing among themselves during Ryuen's center school days. Takuya Yagami, who declares to come from a similar center school as Kushida, is moving toward her. What's more, the impulsive Ichika Amasawa who is pulling Ayanokoji left and right.

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Chapter 1 2022/07/05 Download
Chapter 2 2022/07/05 Download
Chapter 3 2022/07/05 Download
Chapter 4 2022/07/05 Download
Chapter 5 2022/07/05 Download
Chapter 6 2022/07/05 Download
Chapter 7 2022/10/06 Download
Chapter 8 2022/10/07 Download
Chapter 8e 2022/10/07 Download
Chapter 9 2022/10/28 Download
Chapter 10 2022/12/02 Download
Chapter 11 2023/02/01 Download