Yabai Kimochi
Honami, Yukine (Art), Kazumi, Maki (Story)
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Tooru is a modest and calm understudy who really likes his dear companion Ryouji, the most prevalent individual from the secondary school swim group. Before Ryouji, Tooru conceals his emotions and goes about as though he is only one of Ryouji's great companions, however in a minute all of a sudden his reality will be flipped around as Ryouji will admit a mystery want for Tooru. Amazed, Tooru can scarcely conceal his energy for Ryouji and rapidly acknowledges his offer. Over the long haul, Tooru's bliss starts to blur realizing that his undertaking with Ryouji was only an indulgence based out of Ryouji's sexual interest. Tooru, resolute about his affections for Ryouji, trusts in another of his dear companion, Kashiwazaki, about his problem. The two set off to devise an arrangement to test Ryouji's actual aims by faking a sentimental relationship. Before long, a disappointed and envious Ryouji endeavors to pry Tooru out of the arms of Kashiwazaki. Is it generally as they arranged? Better believe it! That is obviously until Tooru acknowledges Kashiwazaki wasn't generally faking! How would he be able to not have seen it coming? Both Tooru and Ryouji have concealed their sentiments from each other previously, however now they have found that they were not by any means the only ones. Will Tooru and Ryouji be brought together or will their actual affections for each other go unfulfilled?

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Chapter 1 - 1 2009/09/23 Download
Chapter 2 - 2 2009/09/23 Download
Chapter 3 - 3 2009/09/23 Download
Chapter 4 - 4 2009/09/23 Download
Chapter 5 - 5 2009/09/23 Download
Chapter 6 - 6 2009/09/23 Download