Divine Melody: Chapter of Warm Snow
Divine Melody: The Untold Story
Yi Huan
Yi Huan
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Manga Description

Continuation of Divine Melody. Caisheng, the half evil presence fox god who can change sexual orientation freely, meanders the Earth searching for her lost significant other's resurrection, Wei Tzequi. Wei Tzequi, a previous celestial being, was expelled from the sky for breaking the standards, yet Caisheng declines to surrender trust she will meet him once more. Be that as it may, discovering Wei Tzequi is just the begin of Caisheng's inconveniences. Different creatures, both evil spirits and divine beings alike, need her for their own reasons. Some consider Caisheng to be the salvation for their own race, while others need to execute her for their own particular terrible purposes. Indeed, even a fox-god from the sky, Yuer, gets himself strongly inquisitive with Caisheng, and chooses he will take her back to the sky so as to wed her. So as to survive, Caisheng must assemble what partners she can so she can keep on wandering - and locate the one individual she has spent such a variety of years seaching for.

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