Is Dorothy in a Bad Temper?
Dorothy wa Gokigen Naname?
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Manga Description

As a punishment from her teacher, the selfish witch Dorothy has lost her attractive body and magical powers. In order to regain her true appearance and powers, she must kiss someone with a high aptitude for magic and have them sign a contract to be her servant. The options that appear before her are: Trot, the softhearted but lecherous hottie; Brave, the dog with a secret; Hearts, who is aloof and wears glasses; and Shinku, the gun woman of few words. Whether it’s on the lips, on the hand, on the thigh, or on their hair... kisses are what invokes the contract!? As she increases the number of servants she possesses, will Dorothy be able to obtain her aspiration of getting revenge on her teacher?!

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Chapter 1 2015/09/05 Download
Chapter 2 2015/09/05 Download
Chapter 3 2015/09/05 Download
Chapter 4 2015/09/05 Download
Chapter 5 2015/09/22 Download
Chapter 6 2015/12/05 Download
Chapter 7 2016/01/17 Download
Chapter 8 2016/04/03 Download
Chapter 9 2016/04/03 Download
Chapter 10 2016/07/23 Download
Chapter 11 2016/10/29 Download