Ginban Kaleidoscope
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Manga Description

Giban Kaleidoscope is the story of Sakurano Tazusa, a beautiful skater girl who is on her way to becoming the best skater in the world. Unfortunately, one day, she screws up at a competition, and that sets her career downhill. Her school life is also getting harder than she expected as she has to deal with Pete the ghost, a dead skater who was recently killed and who has begun to haunt her. Despite her initial reluctancy, she gradually starts to be more open with him, and her mind is now full of questions about Pete and his reasons for haunting her.

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Chapter 1 2011/11/07 Download
Chapter 2 2011/11/07 Download
Chapter 3 2011/11/07 Download
Chapter 4 2011/11/07 Download