God Seeker
TSUTSUMI Riichirou (Story & Art)
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Manga Description

Many people in this world were born with commonplace magical abilities. These are usually things that make their lives a bit more convenient, such as the ability to make a small flame, or to heal slightly more quickly than usual. But the young, brilliant lord of Seeker Castle has a little sister with incredible destructive magic powers, which he uses to kill anyone who threatens his territory. Also living with the lord and his sister is a boy whose magical powers are still a mystery. The story of their entwined destiny begins now!

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 2010/02/27 Download
Chapter 2 2011/01/01 Download
Chapter 3 2013/08/09 Download
Chapter 4 2013/09/30 Download
Chapter 5 2014/03/29 Download
Chapter 6 2014/09/17 Download
Chapter 7 2014/10/14 Download
Chapter 8 2015/06/18 Download
Chapter 9 2015/06/18 Download