Takabatake Enaga
Takabatake Enaga
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Manga Description

Long back, there was an extraordinary war between the domains of holy messengers and evil spirits over humanity. The evil presences were an underhanded parcel and regarded people as their toys, while the heavenly attendants battled to shield people from the devils. At the point when the war was over the blessed messengers fabricated a town called Ilvia to keep humankind safe against the evil spirits. Amidst Ilvia is a spot called asylum where youngsters live under the direction of the blessed messengers. The blessed messengers instruct the youngsters they should not leave the haven in light of the fact that the evil presences will get them because of being pulled in to their unadulterated souls. At the point when the kids reach there fourteenth birthday they move on from the haven and are seen off by the other youngsters to heaven. What is heaven? All is well or is there something more evil going ahead off camera...