Ikusa no Ko, Ikusa no Ko - Oda Saburou Nobunaga-den, Ikusa no Ko - Oda Saburou Nobunagaden, Ikusa no Ko: Oda Sabur? Nobunaga-Den
Ikusa no Ko - Oda Saburou Nobunaga Den
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HARA Tetsuo, KITAHARA Seibou
HARA Tetsuo
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Manga Description

The most dreaded/regarded fanciful warlord Oda Nobunaga, who vanished from history pretty much as he was going to bring together Japan. He was conceived in war, raised for war, and developed into war. Nobunaga was a genuine "Offspring of War"! Tetsuo Hara draws the tyke character Kipposhi (Nobunaga's youth name) who is bound to end up the fearsome assume that commands the Sengoku Period. The main manga that recounts the account of Nobunaga's adolescence days, this is an unquestionable requirement read for anybody inspired by Japan and Samurai!