Last Ranker -Be the Last One-
Last Ranker - Be the Last One
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Capcom, SHIKIYAGI Fuuki
UEDA Satoshi
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Manga Description

Bazalta is a combat association, in which the combatants, or Rankers, are ranked according to their strength. The higher rank you get, the more wealth, fame and power you get, and you may even get the ability to change the world. In short, in Bazalta, "strength is everything". Zig, a young boy from Cantalera, a wandering tribe where fighting and wanting to become stronger is prohibited; after his father fell victim of some monsters, decides to train against the tribe rules, and seeing how despite his training he couldn't save the inhabitants of the tribe from the monsters, he decides to set off on a journey to join Bazalta and make his way to the top.

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Chapter 1 2012/06/03 Download
Chapter 2 2012/06/03 Download
Chapter 3 2012/06/28 Download
Chapter 4 2012/08/04 Download
Chapter 5 2012/11/26 Download
Chapter 6 2012/12/22 Download
Chapter 7 2013/03/09 Download
Chapter 8 2013/06/13 Download
Chapter 9 2013/09/02 Download