Seven Swords Dominate
Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai suru
Uno Bokuto
Esuno Sakae
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Spring. In the esteemed enchantment school of Kimberly, this year introduces another rush of new understudies. Dressed in dark robes with a white stick and blade tied to the hip, inside his chest he conceals pride and a crucial. As the sakura shudder in full sprout, the growing entertainers are invited by a motorcade of enchantment animals. Be that as it may, they were permitted one minute of recreation. An underground maze that gobbles up understudies on impulse, upperclassmen that look like beasts, and a group that contradicts human rights for demi-people. While attempting to get by in an unpropitious and unnerving spot with his allies, Oliver shapes an association with a solitary young lady with a Japanese blade lashed to her hip, the samurai young lady Nanao. The story where their two blades conflict, starts now.