Nanika Mochigattemasu ka, Nanika Mochigatte masu ka
Nanika Mochigatte Masuka
KITOH Mohiro
KITOH Mohiro
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Manga Description

Hibino Mitsuru, a youthful schoolboy in third year of center school, has dependably realized that there was something odd in him. The principal day of school, another and beautiful understudy called Issha Kouzou is assaulted by a cohort named Kamejima. Before Mitsuru, Kouzou take a work area and tries to assault him however all of a sudden, the foot of the work area he held separated and tumbled to the ground. After the lessons, Kouzou called Mitsuru in the class. Together, they looked in the class and found an iron ring. Kouzou says that is without a doubt that ring to broke the foot of the work area. Mitsuru addressed that he didn't know anything, however all of a sudden Kouzou took an iron bat and...