Good deeds of Kane of Old Guy, Ossan Bokensha Kane no Zenko
Ossan Boukensha Kein no Zenkou
Okino Maho
Okino Maho
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Manga Description

Kein, a moderately aged traveler, who while in herb gathering, found an uncommon thing, a Resurrection fruit. Kein contemplated offering it to transform it into cash, yet he met a young lady looking for medication to spare her partner's life. She looked like Altena, his cherished companion who had as of now kicked the bucket. So he parted with it in return for little change. As a matter of fact, the young lady was the most grounded globe-trotter Anastrea, who individuals called the sword princess. The following day, Kein out of nowhere got a challenge to join a S rank gathering, pounds the most grounded and the most exceedingly awful beast, wonderfully gains heaps of cash, lastly gets admitted by a 13 years of age holy person. Kein's straightforward life will change totally in light of his experience with Anastrea.