Prince and Yamori, Ouji to Yamori - Shitsuji Kakumei,Prince and Yamori,Prince and Yamori - Butler Revolution
Prince and Yamori
Amano, Taka (Story & Art)
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Manga Description

They are not just ordinary butlers! Of course they look after their Master and those around them, as well as do house chores, act as escorts, companions, and advisers… anything you ask! These people that go beyond the calling of a regular butler are called “Yamori”, protectors of the home. Toto, a Yamori in training, is currently studying at various noble houses, but the trouble never seems to stop! Through his job as a Yamori, Toto gets to see first hand the political, racial, and class tensions throughout his homeland of Mertole as he becomes involved with a scandal concerning the royal family. (From Mangaupdates)

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