Stunning Garçon of the Tsubakikan, Stunning Garcon of the Tsubakikan, Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Garçon, Tsubakikan no Utsukushisugiru Garcon
Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Garcon
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Manga Description

Yufuin Shizuka is a gar�on at the Cafe Tsubaki-kan. He's beautiful, rich, and gives sublime administration. He simply has one shortcoming�?girls! Simply investigating a young lady's eyes or being touched is sufficient to totally bother him. Sadly, the proprietor's granddaughter will be running the bistro, and when she gets some answers concerning his issue, she concludes that he shouldn't work there!

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Chapter 1 2012/02/26 Download
Chapter 2 2012/05/24 Download
Chapter 3 2013/03/27 Download
Chapter 4 2013/09/13 Download
Chapter 5 2013/09/24 Download
Chapter 6 2013/12/27 Download
Chapter 7 2014/01/25 Download