Uso Tsurezure
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Manga Description

Some time ago, there was a kid who was harassed by his companions in light of his legitimate, direct identity. This kid was become a close acquaintence with by a sibling and-sister couple who promised to be his companions until the end of time. Tragically, the kid's family moves away, prompting their juvenile bond being separated. A long time later, the fair kid has found the ideal approach to make "companions," be respected by understudies and educators alike, and abstain from being singled out: keeping up a false identity as the "School Prince" while painstakingly concealing his factious, flippant disposition from the general population eye. Be that as it may, his tranquil - but mind-numbingly exhausting and to some degree forlorn - days are tossed totally lopsided when a couple of twins moves into his school.

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Chapter 1 2013/02/06 Download
Chapter 2 2013/03/07 Download
Chapter 3 2013/05/07 Download
Chapter 4 2014/05/31 Download
Chapter 5 2015/01/23 Download
Chapter 6 2015/01/26 Download
Chapter 7 2015/01/30 Download
Chapter 8 2015/02/09 Download
Chapter 9 2015/02/14 Download