Yama Fuu-Tan, Yamafuutan, Yamafutan
Yama Fu-Tang
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YAMADA Fuutarou (Story), SEGAWA Masaki (Art)
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Manga Description

An adaption of Futarou Yamada`s novel Kunoichi Kokihei, this story begins the year before the Battle of Sekihagara, in the pleasure quarters of the capital. Kagerou, a real beauty who is a child of the Ootani family, meets five of the most powerful men of the Uesugi clan while serving at a brothel. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving...

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 - Ooshima Janjuurou 2010/02/20 Download
Chapter 2 2012/03/09 Download
Chapter 3 2012/03/09 Download
Chapter 4 2012/04/16 Download
Chapter 5 2012/08/04 Download
Chapter 6 2012/09/05 Download