Zettai Renai Program
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Manga Description

"Zettai Renai Program" is a romance shoujo manga around an adolescent young lady named Mariko, who seems to locate a great looking high school kid laying in a heap of trash packs. Turns out that the as far as anyone knows 'high school kid' is indeed an android and since Mariko was the one to wake him up(or rather turn him on) she turns into his special lady, much sadly. A person that is a 100% great... what's more, he's an android?!

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 2012/08/22 Download
Chapter 2 2012/11/01 Download
Chapter 3 2012/12/24 Download
Chapter 4 2013/09/06 Download
Chapter 5 2013/09/06 Download
Chapter 6 2014/08/15 Download
Chapter 7 2015/09/15 Download
Chapter 8 2015/10/04 Download